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Wrinkle Relaxers Perth - when you want to show the real you.

Facial muscles work hard. Every expression causes muscle contraction which, over time and with the added effects of the harsh Western Australian sun, can cause permanent disruption to the layers of skin below. When this happens your expression lines become "static" – your expression lines and wrinkles remain even when your face is relaxed.

You can appear to be angry, tired, down in the mouth, stressed ...even when you are not.

Our medical cosmetic specialist doctors use efficient, fast acting muscle relaxers to ease the furrows and fine lines, decreasing or eliminating their appearance and lessening their recurrence. Our doctors’ expertise and attention to detail results in a natural looking and harmonious outcome.

You can now look the way outside the way you feel inside.


Injections can be provided to three main areas of the face. Treatment is also available for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the armpits.

To book yourself in for a wrinkle relaxer treatment, contact us now or have a look at our facial fillers page (includes lip fillers).

Forehead lines

When we raise our eyebrows, we all have fine horizontal lines occurring across our forehead

People have different types of forehead lines. You mostly see 'blinds', or multiple horizontal lines that stretch across the forehead as the skin bunches together. . Some people have a 'single' line and others having 'radiating' lines that extend out from the brow line.

If these lines become permanent you may wish to discuss the possibility of conveniently delivered wrinkle relaxer options to regain a fresh appearance...More like the real you.

Blinds forehead lines can be treated with botox
Single stray lines can be treated with wrinkle relaxers
Apostrophe Forehead lines can be softened with botox

To get wrinkle relaxer treatments for those pesky forehead lines, contact Whitfords Avenue Medical Center Cosmetic Services today!

Frown lines

Have you noticed vertical lines appearing between your eyebrows when you frown or concentrate? These frown lines are usually only noticeable during facial expressions. When you frown, the facial muscles pull or contract inwards and downwards, causing the skin between the brows to be pulled into a frown.

Over time repeated movement of the glabellar muscle complex may cause these lines to become 'static'. Did you realise that people have different patterns of frown lines? They may have an 'eleven' (two vertical lines between the eyebrows) or a 'one' (single line) There are also scrunch, boxed and horizontal patterns.

If your frown lines have become static you may wish to discuss the use of wrinkle relaxing injections. This therapy reduces the current lines, and lessens their future formation.

You look relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated.

Wrinkle relaxers can reduce Eleven frown lines
Horizontal frown lines can be softened with botox injections
A single 'one' frown line can be reduced by botox
Wrinkle relaxer treatments can diminish scrunch frown lines
Boxed frown lines can be lessened with the right wrinkle relaxers

Frown no more, contact Whitfords Avenue Medical Center Cosmetic Services today!

Eye Lines - Crow's Feet

Get rid of full fan eye lines with botox
Central eye lines can be smoothed out with wrinkle relaxers
Botox treatments for Upper eye lines from Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine
Wrinkle relaxers for lower eye lines from Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine

When you smile, or squint, the skin around your eyes naturally crinkles radiating from the outer corner of your eyes. Over time these lines can develop depth and permanency taking you from appearing happy and engaged to have a permanent aging squint. . These lines are known as 'crow's feet'.

Did you know there are broadly four types of crow's feet? Full fan, central, middle and lower. Full fan crow's feet spread wide like fingers, 'upper' tend to angle up toward the outer brow, 'central' are the classic type we usually think of coming from the corner of the eyes and 'lower' crow's feet spread down into the outer cheek.

Crow's feet can be treated safely conveniently and very successfully with wrinkle relaxers. Please discuss with our doctors the best treatment for you.


For all your facial filler, wrinkle relaxer and other cosmetic service requirements, contact Whitfords Avenue Medical Center Cosmetic Services today!


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