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The Procedure

Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine Service is dedicated to providing you with a safe and non- pressurised experience. This personalised approach leads to a natural and harmonious results.

An initial consultation is undertaken with the doctor in the comfort and privacy of their rooms. Here an explanation of the procedure and possible complications is undertaken with plenty of time for questions. After discussion the injection sites and doses are calculated. Cost is determined according to the dose of anti-wrinkle treatment and filler required. This is fully disclosed before treatment is begun. (see cost) Pre-treatment photos are taken and stored confidentially on your file.


Cosmetic appointments can generally be made for any time during the week. Appointments are available in the evenings. A cosmetic consultation and therapy session generally lasts 30-40 minutes. It is not uncommon for clients to have treatment during their lunch break and then return to work that same afternoon.


At Whitfords Cosmetic we have made every effort to minimise the discomfort involved in the procedure. We have opted to use 0.3 ml syringes (rather than larger ones used at other practices) with a 30 gauge needle. This extra cost is carried by us and is in line with the standard of care and attention to detail we are known for. We always apply ice to the area where the anti-wrinkle injections are administered and ensure you don’t feel rushed.

When we perform filler treatment the area to be treated is numbed with a very effective topical anaesthetic cream. This greatly enhances the client’s comfort during the procedure.

Immediate care following your treatment session

Due to the comfort measures employed there is little specific extra care required. A simple analgesia, paracetamol, is occasionally used but generally clients walk out feeling very comfortable. Treatment may incur some temporary bruising, easily covered with minimal make up and sometimes a mild swelling that resolves speedily without need for intervention.

Post Care progress

The muscles take between 2 days and up to 2 weeks to relax fully. Expert medical care is available at all times for reassurance and review. If a small top up dose is required it can be given two weeks after treatment. This is not needed very often.

Some wrinkles may disappear completely, others will lessen and the effect enhanced with further treatment if desired.

The muscle relaxation effect lasts for 3 months and will often last significantly longer.

Filler treatment lasts 9 to 12 months.

Possible Cosmetic Service Complications

Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine Service is staffed by highly qualified, very experienced medical practitioners who are keen to provide you with the care that suits your needs. All consultations comprehensively cover expected outcomes and it is hoped that you feel very comfortable asking for information.

Injectable wrinkle and facial filler treatments are considered very safe. The anti-wrinkle drug has been used for over 25 years for treatment and has been approved by the FDA since 1985 for cosmetic injections.

The well-known drug cannot be mentioned by name due to medical advertising guidelines.

Before treatment a medical consultation ensures that the client does not have a precluding medical conditions including pregnancy.

Complications after treatment are rare and may include bruising, redness, numbness and infection. In addition unwanted paralysis of certain muscles may occur. In particular it is possible to get drooping or arching of the eyelid. These complication is very uncommon and usually resolves in 3 weeks or can be treated with further small doses of anti-wrinkle injections. We ask that you question our staff in regard any concerns.

We are known for the high quality of our honest and informed care.


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