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News: Dr.Bock

I'm right, and I'm wrong.

When I started to develop my interest in Cosmetic Medicine several years ago I had an idea of who my clients would be: clients who had experienced my care as their general practitioner over the past 26 years and were keen to utilize my skill to rejuvenate their appearance. I pictured mainly women, generally over 35 whose vibrancy and enthusiasm for life wasn’t reflected in faces that the environment and time had clouded with premature facial wrinkles and lines.

Well I was partially right. My first clients fitted this demographic and were, and are a pleasure to work with.

However I was wrong thinking that this was the only group who would benefit from my cosmetic treatments. As word of mouth has spread I now see clients from many different backgrounds

Many men have decided that a half hour consultation and treatment with a muscle relaxer is a very easy and comfortable way to ease their permanent frown lines.

I’ve been pleased to help mothers of the brides who have been so happy with the natural result that makes them look, and feel refreshed for their family’s big day.

Several more senior clients have been a delight to work with to lessen the squint lines they were finding distressing.

I’ve also seen a variety of Cosmetic Medicine “combination couples”: husband and wife, mother and daughter, best friends and FIFO workers who book in every five months for a refresh.

Some have been very keen to share their treatment details with friends and taking advantage of specials. Some delight in knowing that all treatment is confidential and the safe and subtle results they have put down to a relaxing holiday.

It has been a pleasure to develop my interest and practice, and I look forward to consulting with you if you feel Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine is the trustworthy, medically proven treatment that may be your solution to looking your refreshed, rejuvenated best.


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