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Facial Filler Treatments Right Here In Perth

Facial Filler treatments provided by Whitfords Avenue Medical Centre Cosmetic Services are long lasting and excitingly effective.

Age, gravity, and the environment all lead to loss of skin elasticity and natural healthy volume: your skin creates lines, folds and hollows that add years and tiredness to your appearance.

Facial Fillers re-create the curve and contours of your face giving you back a radiant fullness. Your lips can be returned to a full natural appearance, comfortably and safely.

Give yourself an appearance that reflects the real you by discussing your needs with Whitfords Cosmetic Medicine Practitioners. They use facial filler with a proven safety record that gives lasting, natural looking results.

The most common sites where facial fillers are known to have a very positive result are detailed below. The videos are provided to further assist you in your decision making.

To book yourself in for a facial or lip filler treatment, contact us now, or have a look at our wrinkle relaxers page.

Nasolabial Lines

Extend from the corner of your nose to the outer points of your mouth. Over time, depth and shadowing emphasis these lines which may result in a look of permanent sadness. Dermal fillers can replace the under skin volume and greatly reduce the degree and depth of the lines.

Nasolabial lines before and after facial filler treatments

Information video for Nasolabial folds

Lip Fillers

Lips are a focal point of the face; smiling, talking, conveying emotion. With time they can lose volume, definition, shape and fullness lessening their definition and impact. Dermal fillers may be easily and safely used to reintroduce and enhance your natural lip contours and volume.

Lips before and after lip filler treatment

Information video for Lip Fillers

Lip wrinkles, marionette lines and accordion lines

Distracting lines and wrinkles around the mouth can also be lessened by the use of dermal fillers allowing the focus to return to your lips, and what you want to express.

Lip and mouth wrinkle lines before and after dermal filler treatment


Jawline definition is lost as volume below the skin surface decreases, jowls appear and your face appears to sag. Dermal fillers in this region allow for the appearance of structure and the realignment of facial volume resulting in a natural uplift to the facial contours.

Realignment of facial volume resulting in a strong jawline thanks to dermal fillers

Information video for Jawline


As we age the soft tissue volume and the supporting layer of fat below the skin surface which creates cheek contours is diminished. This leads to a loss of definition and reduction of your full cheek contour. This flatness and hollowing can be reversed to replicate your natural curves and fullness by using dermal fillers: easily and safely.

Reverse flatness and hollowing with dermal fillers

Information Video for Cheeks

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