Whitfords Avenue Medical Group Special Offer - 20% off second treatment area

Treatment Cost

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

The cost for the anti-wrinkle treatment depends on the dose of muscle relaxant injected. This, in turn, depends on how big the muscles are in individual patients. Women generally have finer muscles than males and require less of the solution. As a guide, treatment for the frown area in women often needs around 18 units of anti-wrinkle drug. If a client opts to have a second area treated then a 20 percent discount is given on the cost of treating the area that uses the least units.

The number of units, number of injections and total cost is fully disclosed before we proceed to the treatment.

Filler Treatment

Filler treatment comes in single-use vials. If further treatment is required at the time a significant discount is given on subsequent vials used. Filler treatment can last up to one year so the initial outlay can be regarded as good value for money.


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